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Welcome to the Translational Research Centers in Thrombotic and Hemostatic Disorders (TRC-THD).

The TRC-THD is a network of research centers dedicated to developing novel approaches to treat thrombotic and hemostatic diseases. It is a support for investigators focused on the translations of fundamental discoveries to care delivery and then to global health.

The Consortium is made up of five research centers and an Administrative Coordinating Center. The TRC-THD is overseen by staff from NHLBI, an External Advisory Committee made up of scientists from non-participating institutions, and a Steering Committee consisting of Principal Investigators from each Research Center. The TRC-THD also has a Skills Development Subcommittee to synergize the educational expertise and opportunities within the research centers.

Watch our video to meet the Principle Investigators and find out about the work being done at each center.

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thumbfront1TRC-THD research projects will focus on topics that will advance the treatment of thrombotic and hemostatic diseases. A goal of our network is to translate basic science discoveries into human research. Each center has their scientific focus. The consortium is a place to share best practices in order to efficiently advance research. Click on each center to find out more about their research projects.


The Skills Development Core (SDC) was created to combine the knowledge and expertise of experienced investigators with the ambition and goals of young investigators that will result in a future generation of researchers dedicated to research in thrombolytic and hemostatic disorders.


The Administrative Coordinating Center (ACC) provides leadership, governance, communication and operational resources to the consortium of research centers in the TRC-THD. It is the center of all communication between the TRC-THD centers and aids the NHLBIin executing the External Advisory Panel, annual investigator meeting and administrative task.

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Dr. Bruce Sullenger of Duke was invited to speak at the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Hearing in March 2015

Upcoming Events

8th Symposium on Hemostasis

Date: May 12-14, 2016
Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Translational Research in Thrombosis and Hemostasis Disorders Consortium

2016 Scientific Symposium
Date: Wednesday, May 18th, 2016
Location: Washington University in St. Louis

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